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Born out of love to make development less buggy

  • 1984

    Born in the cold streets of east London
  • 1996

    Started School, First taste of the Internet - signed up for a hotmail account
  • 2000

    Created first website using HTML and Macromedia Flash
  • 2001

    Started own company with my friend called DenMack, specialising in web development and graphic design
  • 2006

    Graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • 2007

    Got indoctrinated into the world of .NET
  • Present

    Building web and mobile applications


Some things I've been experimenting with...

Cloud Share

Sick and tired of using several cloud storage providers?

Social Butterfly

Got a twitter, facebook and pinterest account?

Alpha Maze

Know the definition, but forgot the word?


It's about time someone turned off thier ringtone

var success = talent + hardwork;


Projects I have worked on

love life, family and friends

- BLOG -

Trying to keep up to date with the latest info

Communication is key